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DMITRY is literally the plumbing wizard. Specializing in plumbing, heating and transmogrification, this wizard can rest easy knowing he's got the coolest merch out there!

You'll never find him without his trusty "transmogrifier". It may look like a pipe wrench to some, but to DMITRY it's far more. Just make sure to pay that invoice and you'll never have to witness it's magic power!

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A collection of prints for a futuristic   sci-fi product

The Kawasumi is an organic time telling device.


The base acts as a multi functional entertainment hub, self sustaining weather system and housing for  the futuristic bonsai tree.

The tree's life cycle is hyper-accelerated to mimic an annual weather and foliage cycle per day.


Depicted are 6 unique variable systems the product is able to conjure organically in real time.